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GasBuddy is Unrivaled
when it comes to helping users save at the pump.

When people want to save money and stay informed, they come to GasBuddy.
Yearly Statistics
Visits 702 Million
Page Views 2 Billion
Minutes 450 Million
Returning Users 62%
Top Awards
GasBuddy has won numerous awards including Time Magazines 50 Best Apps in 2013 and 2014.
Travel App
Gas Price App
Time Magazine's Top 50 iPhone Apps
Who are GasBuddies?
52% Male 48% Female
60% Are Married 40% Have Kids
53% Make 75k+/Year 99% are 21+
Stats from Comscore Feb 2015
Member Age Groups
GasBuddy Over-Index on Key Age Groups

GasBuddy Members are Consumers

94% Stop at Gas/C-Store for something OTHER then gasoline.
94% buy beverages (hot or cold) at the Gas/C-store.
87% buy Candy or Snacks at the Gas/C-Store.
76% would like to receive coupons that can be used at Gas/C-Store.
54% buy Groceries at the Gas/C-Store.
Auto Repair/Supply

100% own Cars.
84% of GasBuddy members take their car in to get serviced.
51% are DIY and do work on their own cars.
90% of GasBuddy members go on road trips.
57% go on road trips more than 4x a year.

100% are drivers.
26% plan on buying a more fuel efficient vehicle in the future.
55% of buyers will shop at more than one dealership.
23% Plan to purchase a new vehicle this year.

51% purchase gas with credit cards, 31% with debit.
41% use a credit card that gives them cash back on fuel purchases.
58% have changed their driving habits when gas prices are high.
QSR and Restaurant

57% go on road trips more than 4 times a year.
56% of GasBuddy members have purchased meals during road trips.
50% would like to receive coupons for local restaurants near them.

GasBuddy traffic, especially mobile, increases by 31% during holiday weekends.
When it comes to travel, members use GasBuddy to plan their routes and calculate costs before and during their trip.
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